Tattoo Designs Women Just Can’t Resist

Tattoo Designs Women Just Can’t Resist

Tattoo is no longer taboo for women as it passes meaning and message way more effective in the most interesting way today. The designs for women are even more sophisticated today. Several designs are just too irresistible that even the weak willed and spontaneous will find it essential to ink it. Need some inspirations? Check this out.

  • Geometric Beaut

This doesn’t look like a tattoo at all but it looks like a tattoo at the same time. This complexity fits well on almost all women. It features multiple geometric patterns with colorful finished on it as well. The final shape is totally stunning while it looks particularly spectacular and modern. This is a perfect tattoo for the modern and lively soul.

  • Botanical Piece

This tattoo stands out right away with its unique look. This tattoo shows the Mother Nature beauty in the most unexpected way. It features an empty space between the two parts. It separates the flowers from the roots, with boundaries are made of bold lines. The entire composition has a certain degree of contrast which makes it naturally stunning.

  • Dahlia on the Thigh

The idea of flower tattoos on women is maybe pretty usual now. We see that a lot but nothing like this one. This dahlia tattoo has no bold line while the design alone is outstanding. The entire leaves are completed with shading, giving it a realistic look and drama. Meanwhile, the flower petals get soft pink and purple hue, making it a stunning piecework of art.

  • Teeny Tiny Seashell

This cute little tattoo features define design with strong border line shaping the seashell. Meanwhile, the seashell is finished with harmonious color combination in rich texture. It is pretty as well as sophisticated at the same time. It is a perfect option for your summer surprise.

  • Beautiful Landscape

Look at this little tattoo. It shows the most unbelievable landscape to capture. It takes serious talent to get this done, yes, but it is outstanding. If you want to capture a moment or a view from your childhood, this is your kind of tattoo. It is over realistic but the drama is too good to miss.

You must agree that those tattoos are so great and stunning on their own way. Each of the tattoo passes different style and message, while the look alone is already a special work of art we should appreciate. Don’t you feel like wanting to get inked now?