Super Simple Wave Tattoo Designs

Super Simple Wave Tattoo Designs

Wave tattoos fill the social media especially when summer is around. This simple tattoo has become a new thing people really like. It looks great while it is less painful of course. In addition to it, it simply goes well with almost anything. If you are considering to get inked as well, the following designs are great inspirations to see.

  • Single Crest on the Wrist

Single crest seems to be in trend with so many people try it on. This tattoo offer less painful process which makes it an ideal option for a new tattoo owner. This tattoo looks great on the outside of the wrist. It calmly shows your passion on waves and ocean without being too proud about it.

  • Lowly Wave Tattoo

This tattoo has the perfect curve if crest and gets the most dramatic crest peak. It looks great on this part of the foot. The horizontal design looks well aligned with the foot physically that it makes a dramatic touch. It is as if you are always driven to the sea and the waves. On girls, it looks totally stunning and sexy while it has a touch of wilderness as well at the same time.

  • Three Crests on the Waist

The size of this tattoo alone isn’t small at all. In fact, it is pretty big, not to mention the three, instead of one, crests to feature on the design. Its position on the waist is just sexy. It shows how deep your regard towards the sea and summer fun, but it is mysterious as well as you place it there.

  • Wave Tattoo on the Shoulder

This tiny tattoo features a crest and a little wave that looks almost nothing beside it. It shows the natural and calm wave you like to enjoy and how fun your summer often. Being on the front part of the shoulder, people can only see it when you wear off shoulder top or others that show off the shoulder, making it a little sexy surprise.

  • The Horizontal Back Piece

This is totally a sexy piece. The tattoo features three crests with high peaks as well. It shows how you love the adventure among those high waves and how you love ultimate fun for your summer. It looks teasing on the back while it is a great personality statement at the same time.

If you have been thinking about getting this tattoo, the designs above should give you great inspirations on what to feature on the tattoo and where the ink should be. Involve your personal preference and style to get the best style as you can see above.