Summer Lace Shift Dress to Try

Summer Lace Shift Dress to Try

Summer is here and all we want to do is to show off some skin to feel the warmth. Many women today agree that it is also the right season to wear lace dress. Without eliminating the fun of summer, several dresses are tailored to deliver elegant look while being playful at the same time. Check out the following ideas to look elegantly stunning during the summer.

  1. Pink Knee-Length Dress

This dress only features simple cut with only a little sleeve to cover the upper part of the hands. Its pastel pink color makes it a delicate yet stylish finish for the dress. It has no more details but the beautiful lace pattern. It looks stunning with that sophisticated earrings, and it goes well with the pale blue handbags.

  1. Off-Shoulder Cocktail Dress

When it comes to lace, it doesn’t have to be white or ivory. Even black lace can look dramatic and elegant. Cut into off shoulder shape, this dress features the flower pattern at the border of the top line. Layered with nude fabric, it offers sexy look at the same time without being too much. Complete with natural looking makeup and simple bun, and you are good to go.

  1. Off-Shoulder White Dress

This is another version of cocktail party dress you should consider. While the previous one is perfect for more formal occasion, this one is perfect for a more casual one. The off shoulder line features dropping lace covering the chest, giving it a real taste of summer. Make it a short skirt for a little sexy touch. This is a dress for the young souls.

  1. Two-Pieces Summer Dress

This shape is in trend today, featuring the top and the skirt in a separate way. The low cut top is made fit to your body shape, showing off some of your skin for a summer breathing. Meanwhile, the inner skirt is made short and sexy while the outer skirt is longer and flattering, cut as the pattern. It is stylish and sexy at the same time.

  1. Knee-Length Summer Dress

This dress is simple enough. It shows off your sexy shoulder without revealing too much. It drops down nicely to your knee, showing off your beautiful feet without exposing much of thighs. It is a great choice for a lunch or casual walk, but it should make a pretty choice for a dinner too. Combine with contrasting accessories like turquoise earrings.

So you don’t have to go always formal with lace. Instead, this fabric will let your skin breaths during the summer in those dresses. Which one do you like best?