Jaw-Droppingly Beautiful Evening Gowns We Love

Jaw-Droppingly Beautiful Evening Gowns We Love

There is nothing like wearing a dress and all eyes are on you. It takes a lot of things to be such an attention stealer like that. You need the right level of confident, the right attitude, the right makeup and hairdo, and you need the right dress too. These dresses will complete your look, on a prom, on your wedding reception, or in a ball or event you are attending soon. Check it out.

  1. Glamorous Ball Gowns

One of these dresses will make a perfect match for a glamorous evening in a ballroom. Featuring wide and fluffy skirt and fitted top, it makes perfect silhouette for almost all body shapes. If you feel like giving it additional twist, try anti mainstream color like galaxy blue or grey. A red ball gown will look splendid if you want more drama on your look.

  1. Short Gown with Chic Design

If a long skirt and ball gown is too much for your personality, you should consider wearing short gowns, which are on trend today. You can still have the A-line gown to complement your silhouette, while simpler details like flowers is always welcomed. Meanwhile, the use of lace and satin will only add the elegance. Go for floral prints for more romantic taste.

  1. Sexy Goddess

This look has been a popular choice since Vera Wang featured the look on her wedding dresses. It offers sleek and simple look with dramatic flair on the edge of the skirt. It incorporates the use of soft and thin fabric with transparent look to match the skin. It looks like the dress is a part of the skin while it offers sophisticated details on each inch of it. The transparent tulle will be combined with lace, and it can be in A-line or hour glass shape.

  1. Vintage Looking Gowns

The retro look is making a comeback. More gowns are tailored in this style. Dropped shoulders and loose cut, puffy sleeves and the play of lace cuts, it is all flattering while dramatic and elegant. It makes a perfect match with bold makeup, and wavy hairdo. It looks great with elaborated accessories, and it looks awesome with simple look as well.

Depending on your style, those gowns are perfect on its own way. Considering the venue and event will be essential to decide on which dress to wear. Make sure to adjust the gown with a touch of your personal style to make it special.