Fabulous Purple and Blue Hairstyles

Fabulous Purple and Blue Hairstyles

Purple and blue hairstyle is now in trend since many professional hairstylists introduced the idea of galaxy colored hair to the public. It offers mysterious yet fun and wild look on hair without compromising your classy style at the same time. Many people still doubt the look but these styles will change your mind.

  • Mostly Blue with Pink Silhouette

This one features blue as dominant color with a soft touch of purple to keep it in balance. For the twists, hot pink is added on the layers, offering more vibrant look of the hair without leaving the idea of being blue and purple. It is brighter than the usual purple and blue combination.

  • Mostly Purple with Snow Touch

This look looks like winter hair. Soft purple is pretty dominant in this style while it is completed with hot blue transformation on several parts starting from the upper part of the hair. The purple color fades at the end of the hair, offering snow look for a little drama on it. It’s perfect.

  • Blue and Hot Pink with a Touch of Purple

This style offers two dominant colors at a time, blue and hot pink. The same amount of colors creates vibrant look as the base. This strong feeling is softened a little with a touch of soft purple anywhere especially at the end and upper part of the hair. This style offers young and wild impression to enjoy. 

  • Mostly Blue with Purple Layers

This style offers several levels of blue at the same time. It has black-blue for the base and hotter color for the other. Several layers get the purple color, making a magical combination. The purple puts a balance on this style while the blues offer mature and classy touch. This is a perfect combination for the calmer one who loves elegant look with a touch of wilderness.

  • Purple and Blue Ombre

This style finished the blonde hair with twisting end. Beginning from the upper hair, the color starts to fade on hot blue that transforms into deeper blue as ti goes down. It changes into purple in the end, creating the most natural as well as shocking ombre transformation. If you want drama and anti-mainstream look, this is your answer.

It can be daring at the first time to try these colors for the hair. Its boldness isn’t easy to bear but once you do, you’ll love the fun and young feeling it offers. For once in a lifetime, you should try it.