Cute Ponytail Hairstyles for You to Try

Cute Ponytail Hairstyles for You to Try

Ponytail is probably one of the most everlasting hairstyle there is. It looks cute and stylish and it always seems right to wear. The following hairstyles are more about new touch and revamped style. If you are tired of your usual ponytail, these ideas will delight you and transform your look.

  • Wavy Ponytail

Unlike the usual ponytail, this one offers volume and more texture at the back. The front side is finished smooth with a little bum on top of the head. The hair isn’t tied too tight for more casual and natural look. Meanwhile, the remaining hair is on wavy loose, creating more drama for the hairstyle.

  • Up Do Ponytail

This should remind us on Ariana Grande. The upper side of the hair is tied together for a ponytail. Meanwhile, the lower side is let lose. The ponytail looks wider than the usual one. It looks fun and sweet while it can be elegant as well at the same time. Use hair lotion for sleek finish with this style.

  • Lower Wavy Ponytail

This is actually similar to the first style above. This time, we tie the hair a little bit lower for more casual touch and we don’t give it too much volume as well. This is a perfect ponytail for everyday activities. Curl your hair first to get the wavy look and cover the hair tie with your hair for more sophisticated touch.

  • Braided Ponytail

This isn’t the ponytail we used to know. If you take a look closer, this ponytail is actually a combination of small braids, medium braids, and the lose hair. They are all tied together on a tie that looks like it is totally messy while it is actually not. It doesn’t only look stylish, it is sexy and wild at the same time.

  • Sleek Medium Ponytail

This is how a revamped ponytail looks like. It gets a little bum on the top head to give it just a slight volume. While the entire hair is finished in smooth and sleek way, the ponytail is tied high and the hair fall down straight, giving it an ultra sexy look and drama at the same time. This is a perfect hairstyle for casual occasion to gala night.