Chic and Eye Catching Bob Hairstyles

Chic and Eye Catching Bob Hairstyles

Bob is always a great alternative to combine chic and modern personality in a hairstyle. With more people wanting this hairstyle and they have different features to show off, bob hairstyle now comes in so many variations. The following styles may steal your attention for you new look this week.

  • Modern Bob with Layers

This hairstyle features soft layers and soft waves, creating the most interesting look for dark haired women. With a little product applied on it, this hairstyle will falls naturally, giving it a little dramatic touch for even more sophisticated look. This style is appropriate for all ages and is great for all occasions as well.

  • Angled and Toned Bob

The idea of angled bob is already very popular that even Victoria Beckham wore it once. It creates modern look while it looks sexy at the same time for showing some of your skin at the back of the neck. While angled, this hairstyle will look stunning with a little tone. Adding color is often a great idea. Be playful with your color selection.

  • Short Bob

This bob styles isn’t longer than the lower part of your ear. It is often layered to give it a little volume while it is cut flat at the bottom. This bob is great with straight or wavy hair, and it looks cute with curls as well. While it looks stylish on younger women, older women look modern and younger with this hairstyle too.

  • Short Bob

This hairstyle looks gorgeous on a sleek hair with smooth finish. The end of the hair is cut flat for even length while the front cut features side swept for a little chic touch. It look sexy and modern at the same time while the simple finish offers elegant and classy look to you. It looks great with thick hair and makes perfect hairstyle for all occasions.

  • Long Rounded Bob

This is probably the most natural bob style in this list. Its’ simple round cut offers natural looking hairstyle that looks chic and sweet at the same time. It frames the face entirely without being too heavy on the side. It often features soft layers but it has flat end on it. It is perfect for thin face while it complements chubby cheeks as well.

Bob hairstyle is a never ending affair for women. It offers modern look and chic touch at the same time. It is easier to care, and it makes gorgeous style for almost all occasions. Which one do you like best?