Bohemian Hairstyles to Turn All Heads to You

Bohemian Hairstyles to Turn All Heads to You

Bohemian hairstyles are hip today for so many good reasons. They always look good without trying too much, pretty, and wild. In addition to it, it doesn’t take master hands to get the fine look while each style is effortless. It makes perfect style for almost any occasion from wedding to date and music festival. Check out the following ideas for you boho inspiration.

  • Messy Single Braid

This is originally a huge braid while you leave some of the short hair up front loose for casual accent. To get the look, curl your hair if your hair isn’t wavy. Then tie them together as a close braid. When you are done braiding, pull the hair of each braid a little to give it casual and boho touch.

  • Long Fishtail Braid

Look at this hairstyle. It simply knots the long hair neatly and artistically. You only need to gather your hair together and create fishtail braid until you reach almost the end of the hair. Don’t braid it too tight. Instead, let it loses a little. Finish the end with a little spray and a pin and let it loose that way. Add a headband for details.

  • Twisted Curls

This is very easy to make. First, curl your hair and comb it into wavy texture. When you are ready, split the hair into two, the upper and lower side. Then, wear a headband right on the split. Twist the upper hair circling the headband. Combine the rest of the twist with the lower hair, in which you twist it again and tie them together. Pretty!

  • Little Bun on Top

This style is currently very popular for good reasons. Basically, you only need to split the hair into two horizontally. Gather the upper hair and create a bun right on top of your head. Meanwhile, let loose the lower hair and curl it. Comb the curl to create wavy hair and you’re ready. It looks wild, pretty, and stylish at the same time.

  • Fishtail on Loose Hair

This is a combination of two popular details on boho hairstyle. You let the lower hair lose for casual look. Meanwhile, we do the upper hair with fishtail for neat details and more intricate accent. This style looks good for straight and wavy hair.

It is important to look stylish while you do your hair in the most comfortable way for your activities. These boho styles look super cool. It takes less effort to get the look while it makes perfect hair do for every occasion. Its simplicity makes it even more appealing. Try it.