Artistic Watercolor Tattoos That are Living Work of Art

Artistic Watercolor Tattoos That are Living Work of Art

The basic technique of applying watercolor tattoo is no different comparing to the other kind of tattoo we already know. However, this one carries pretty different result in the end. The artistry is totally outstanding, not to mention how your body changes into a living art work display. If you are still wondering whether to get it or not, check out on these stunning designs.

  • The Rainbow Triangle

The triangle is actually pretty ordinary, featuring basic bold and black line to shape it. It gets a little twist of line in the middle part, dividing the triangle into three layers. Then in the background,, a combination of colors creates rainbow hue for a dramatic look. This piece looks modern and smart at the same time.

  • Pastels Rain

This tattoo tells a story of a girl who is shedding herself under an umbrella with her hand is reaching for the rain drops. The entire shapes are merely silhouette but the inside is finished in pastel-style color combination. Each shape gets different combination, making the tattoo like an abstract painting with drama and story inside it.

  • The Phoenix

Unlike the other common tattoo, this one doesn’t have deep and bold line to make the shape. The design is literally created by the harmonious combination of color. The patches are well defined and it will be as easy to distinguish the shape. The result is a pretty phoenix with serious sophistication on the design. Totally stunning.

  • Purple Unicorn

This is another tattoo that doesn’t uses bold and deep outline to make the shape. Instead, this design features patches of color combination. The combination includes purple in majority with blue and pink accent on it. Meanwhile, a play of shade is added to create the mouth and nose, the ears, and the horn. It is totally dramatic and mysterious at the same time.

  • A Swing by the Ocean

This small tattoo speaks louder than you will expect. Unlike the common tattoo, it captures scenery of a swing made out of bold black line. The swing is by the ocean, hanging on a tree. The entire details are finished in patches of colors like green for the leaves and hills on the background, blue and white for the wave and the bubbles, and other patches. It’s genius and cute.

Some people may prefer to the usual tattoo with darker color. However, this watercolor tattoo is about to take over the entire trend. It is artistically sophisticated while the entire finished is so stunning. Don’t you want to get one?