Arm Tattoos for Women

Arm Tattoos for Women

With attitudes and times have changed, women with tattoo are no longer looked down upon. Tattoo has become a new way for women to express themselves. Each tattoo passes different message and meaning, from achievement to loss, and from experience to a belief that she stands for. The following women arm tattoos are awesomely stunning. Check it out.

  • Blue and Purple Feather

This tattoo has vibrant colors that transform from blue to purple or vice versa. The feature is totally eye catching and different while it totally looks like a watercolor art at the same time. More than just the feather, this tattoo also features small black birds flying off from the feather as if it transforms and fly for freedom.

  • Rose Over Rose

This tattoo looks totally busy. It mainly features the big rose that is placed over a busy design with roses on the side. The outline is black while it features yellow hue on the inside for a little drama. The shaded big rose is totally feminine, while the intricate details show sophistication on its best.

  • Exotic Black and White Play of Lines

This tattoo is filled with fine details on it and most of them are on circular shape with its many variations. The entire design only features black and white colors with a little shading on the center of the tattoo. That’s it. It is simple but the delicate details make it exotic and unqiue, offering different look for a woman tattoo.

  • Black and White Roses with Surprise Pink Piece

This tattoo is hyper realistic to be sure while it only features black and white on its outline. There is no hard outline on it even though all the roses are finished in black and white. The only rose finished in pink is placed on the center, and it fades into white as well. Very dramatic.

  • Black and White Tattoo with Turquoise Glow

This is probably one of the greatest arm tattoos for women. The basic design of the feather is actually pretty simple. It carries smaller details and patterns on the inside and it gets turquoise glow on the outside. It is simple but unique and it naturally stands out as well.

So the arm tattoo helps women to pass their point of view, a glimpse of your character and personality. Those tattoos are incredible. Use them as inspirations to show the world your opinion. Good luck choosing the right tattoo design.